Panasil® lab Putty

Panasil® lab Putty is a kneadable, addition-curing overcast material based on vinyl polysiloxane with a high final hardness and is therefore ideal for use as an overcast and bite index material. Other laboratory work such as model fabrication for fracture and crack repairs can be easily carried out.



Panasil® lab Putty Is highly recommended for:

Overcast material
Bite index material

Panasil® lab Putty Is recommended for:

Fracture repairs
Crack repairs

Effective use

  • Clean and easy dispensing, non-stick, smooth kneading.

Easy to process

  • Very short setting time (6 minutes at 23 °C).
  • Precise fixation of the teeth in the overcast thanks to the high final hardness (Shore A 85).

All the advantages of an A silicone

  • Dimensionally stable, high impression reproduction, linear dimension change ≤ -0.1%.