Mucopren® Soft

Mucopren® Soft for relining. Strong adhesion guaranteed!


Monopren® Soft is a soft relining material based on A silicone for direct and indirect application.


Mucopren® Soft Is highly recommended for:

Direct reline
Indirect reline

Comfortable processing

  • Can be used chairside and is applied in just a few minutes.
  • Mucopren® Soft can be easily processed with scalpel and bur.

Very comfortable for patients

  • The particularly smooth, hydrophobic silicone surface offers protection against microbial contamination.
  • Permanently elastic.


  • Outstanding adhesion, does not detach from the prosthesis.
  • High tear resistance, long service life.

Mixing tips

green, 100 tips: REF 17235

Mixing tips

blue, 60 tips: REF 17217

Dispensing guns